Renewal Project

DEC. 3, 2020: Sproule Field House gets facelift
 Sproule Field House

Sproule Field House, which opened in 1997, has a new hardwood floor. It's one of the last major pieces of the $9.6M Capital Project and looks to be wrapped up in the next few weeks. As bids rolled that were higher than initially expected for different parts of this project, which was approved by district voters in 2018, the Sproule renovation was lowered on the to-do list. In fact, it was relegated to "alternate" status. But through various cost savings, it was able to be completed. Below also is an Irondequoit High School locker room that was recently finished. 
 IHS girls locker room pic

OCT. 16, 2020:
Finishing touches
 Pic of new gym floor
Most of the work in the $9.6M Capital Project, which was approved by in our 2018 District Vote, has been completed. It covered a wide array of areas throughout the campus, from roofs at Rogers and Iroquois middle school, IHS and the Teaching Learning Center to new bathrooms and locker rooms, walkways, six new playgrounds, carpeting, etc. One of the most dramatic changes at IHS is the glistening new hardwood floor in the IHS gymnasium (pictured above). The pandemic actually helped facilitate the speed of some work, in particular bathrooms inside IHS and Dake Jr. HS.

 AUG. 31, 2020: New entrance vestibules at IHS/Dake 
 Pic of new vestibule at IHS
New vestibule at IHS main entrance is nearing completion.

One noticeable change for visitors to Irondequoit High School and Dake Junior High School is a new security vestibule inside the main entrance foyer to each building. That’s where our staff will check in visitors using the Raptor system we introduced to start last school year. Reminder: If you put your license/Photo ID in the system last year, it does carry over.

These additional security layers were part of the Capital Project approved by our 2018 District Vote. Construction work is being completed this week in preparation for the first day of school on Thursday, Sept. 10th.

Dake’s main office underwent a massive renovation, too, including relocating the main office a little closer to the main entrance. The gymnasium at IHS, complete with a new hardwood floor and video scoreboard, is also near completion.

Other work has included:

  • Bathroom renovations at IHS and Dake, locker room work at IHS
  • New space and an inside hallway to the IHS Nurse’s Office
  • IHS, Iroquois Middle School and the Evans & McGraw Teaching Learning Center each had their roofs replaced in the past several months
  • Several schools, particularly the K-3 buildings, received new carpeting in the main entrances.
  • Playgrounds at Colebrook and Southlawn were replaced with brand new equipment in May/June. That work was originally scheduled for the summer but was moved up due to the pandemic. That completed our playground work, which began in June of 2019. All six K-3 playgrounds in West Irondequoit were replaced in the span of one calendar year.
 JULY 29, 2020: Gym floor coming together
 Pic of new gym floor being put down

With an average of 20 workers on the job full-time and daily, work continues to hum along in several areas.

Irondequoit High School

  • Wood for the new gymnasium floor is being installed (see above) and power was restored to the scoreboards.
  • Installed ductwork in ceiling above new main entrance vestibule. 
  • Demolition of locker bases was done in the second-floor locker room and tile installation was completed in the main high school locker room.
  • Installed fixtures in several bathrooms.

Dake Junior High School

  • Drywall installation for the main office, main office and conference room has been completed and painting of walls has started.

Iroquois Middle School

  • In addition to the new roof, new carpet in nine classrooms has been installed and as well as a new sidewalk.

Seneca and Rogers schools

  • Completed installation of new storefront door system.

 JULY 10, 2020: Dry summer weather aids progress!
 Picture of IHS gymnasium

Dry summer weather and efficient work by Campus Construction have helped move along several different jobs at a few different schools in our Renewal Project. Here are some highlights:

Irondequoit High School

  • Roof replacement is nearly complete; metal flashing work will be on-going in July and August.
  • The gymnasium floor has been removed and new hoops installed; installation of the new floor will begin soon.
  • Demolition on the front (main) entrance foyer/vestibule began in late June, right after graduation ceremonies wrapped up. New security walls will be built in July; doors also will be replaced.
  • Locker room renovations are down to the final stages; tile work should end before school starts.

 Dake Junior High School

  • Concrete work outside was completed in June.
  • Major renovations of the main office are moving along well; painting and floor prep is scheduled for July.
  • Renovations/framing of the new main entrance vestibule also are under way.

 Iroquois Middle School

  • Roof work is complete.
  • Classroom carpet replacement is on-going.
  • New concrete will be poured for a walkway on the building’s east side.

 Rogers Middle School

  • Work on walls in the basement corridor has begun
  • New carpet installation begins later in July

 Colebrook & Southlawn

  • New playgrounds were completed and re-opened in June.
 JUNE 11, 2020: Dake facelift + IHS gym work
 Picture of new cement in front of Dake

Campus Construction continues to give several areas around campus a fresh look as we roll into summer:

  • New cement was poured in front of Dake Junior High School (see above) and the front entrance to the building and main office are also being renovated. Bathrooms also have been remodeled.
  •  Work is set to begin on a new gymnasium floor at Irondequoit High School, a project that is expected to take most of the summer.
  • Roof work also continues at IHS.
 Pic of gym floor
Irondequoit HS is getting a new floor in its gymnasium this summer.
MAY 11, 2020: More work at IHS/Dake
 Pic of work at IHS

Work has continued to move forward on projects at Irondequoit HS and Dake Junior High School. Here are some updates below from Campus Construction:

  • Ductwork, masonry and other work in high school locker room
  • Installation of ductwork/HVAC/cement board and pipe insulation in high school restrooms
  • Programmed first-floor speakers for new public address system
  • Removed roofing over the main high school corridor and faculty break room
APRIL 27, 2020: Major update on work

While the global health crisis has put most of the world on “pause” in an unprecedented way, major progress has been made on the West Irondequoit CSD's Renewal Project. This district-wide work was approved in the 2018 annual Budget Vote. Below is a progress update from our contractor, Campus Construction, through April 22, 2020.


  • Music room(s): A permanent wall was constructed to add a better sound barrier for the two rooms at the front of the building.
  • Nurse’s office: A portion of the layout was modified; an entrance door to a hallway was added; now students no longer have to access the building’s front vestibule to enter the office.
  • Bathrooms: Renovations, including new tile, sinks, toilets and fixtures, have been completed on 6 bathrooms; 6 more already are under construction and 2 more are scheduled to be done this summer.
  • Office/front entry: Scheduled to begin in summer, may start earlier.
  • Locker rooms: Renovation is under way; on track to be completed by mid-summer.
  • Gymnasium: Renovations, including a new floor, are scheduled to begin in the summer (possibly earlier) and be completed by the fall.
  • Roof: Replacement above Technology Dept. at back of IHS and kitchen area is complete; cafeteria roof work ready to start, weather pending. All work expected to be completed by early July.
  • Electrical panel: Panel switch-out, which provides power to kitchen freezers, scheduled for this summer.


  • Bathrooms: Renovations, including new tile, sinks, toilets and fixtures, on three are complete; two more are under construction.
  • Locker room: Demolition scheduled for early May, completion by mid-summer.
  • Office/front entry: Scheduled to begin early summer.
  • Electrical panel: Main panel switch-out, which provides power to kitchen freezers and main data hub, scheduled for this summer.


  • Roof: Originally scheduled for fall 2020, replacement potentially could start in May.


  • Playgrounds at Colebrook & Rogers/Southlawn: Demolition started in April, a few months ahead of schedule. Work is expected to be completed in early May.
  • Iroquois roof: Originally scheduled for fall 2020, replacement is expected to begin in early May.
  • Iroquois pathways: Scheduled to start this summer, may start sooner.
UPDATE APRIL 17, 2020: Playground work starts
 Demolition of locker room picture
  • Removal and installation of new roof over loading dock at Irondequoit HS
  • Demolition of ceilings, walls, lockers and locker bases in high school locker rooms; wall framing and masonry work is next
  • Installation of floor and wall tiles in high school restrooms; sinks and fixtures are next
  • Installation of new lighting in Dake administrative offices and fire-alarm wiring throughout the junior high school
UPDATE APRIL 7, 2020: Playground work starts

Campus Construction has started work on playgrounds at our Southlawn/Rogers campus and Colebrook elementary. These two sites were scheduled for work this summer. The timeline was moved up, in part, due to the playgrounds being closed to students and others during the pandemic. The hope is that they will be completed by the time it is safe for children to return to them. Briarwood and Brookview playgrounds were replaced last August, and Seneca (October) and Listwood (December) also were replaced.

 UPDATE APRIL 2, 2020: Work despite closure
Crane outside IHS

Campus Construction has made great progress over the past three weeks with buildings closed due to the health crisis. That work includes:
  • Completing roof work at Irondequoit HS over the tech wing toward the back of the building.
  • Restrooms at IHS and Dake also have undergone major renovations, as has the IHS nurse’s office.
  • Turning the IHS music room into two suites is also now complete.
 UPDATE MARCH 2, 2020: Major progress made
 Pic of New music room at IHS
  • IHS Music Room: Winter Recess (Feb. 17-21) allowed Campus Construction to make major strides in completing half of the new music room at Irondequoit HS. The original (larger) room was split into two by a wall. The other half is nearing completion. 
 New bathroom at Dake Jr. HS
  • Bathrooms at Dake: This is a picture of a renovated, second-floor bathroom of Dake Junior High School. New toilets and stalls were also installed on the opposite of the room. Bathrooms are also being renovated at IHS.  
 UPDATE FEB. 11, 2020: Bathrooms at Dake/IHS
 Picture of bathroom at Dake
  • Bathrooms: Framing of walls in bathrooms at Irondequoit High School has been done along with the installation of floor and wall tiles (pictured above) at Dake Junior High School. Piping and electrical work also has been completed.
  • Music room: Drywall work and painting was done in the music room at IHS. Installation of the floor in this room is scheduled for this week.
 UPDATE FEB. 3, 2020: Music Room update
 Photo of music room under construction
  •  Music Room: Plenty of progress has been made on the permanent wall being built to divide the music room at Irondequoit High School (see picture above). The door leading outside to the front of IHS also is being removed and becoming a wall.
  • Nurse's Office at IHS: Work is being done to add a new entrance to the Nurse's Office from the front hallway. Students will no longer need to enter the front vestibule leading out of the building to enter the Nurse's Office. 
UPDATE JAN. 16, 2020: Work at IHS
 Picture of outside IHS
  • Among renovations being done at Irondequoit High School is a permanent wall to divide the music room. That will mean the removal of the door. Here workers are creating a temporary frame so the work on the door can be done during snowy weather.
 UPDATE JAN. 10, 2020: IHS renovations progress
  • Work at IHS that started over holiday break is progressing in January. That has included removing fixtures, partitions and accessories in multiple bathrooms, electrical work in the tech room/shop and a temporary repair of the roof over the tech wing. Roof replacement in that area is scheduled to happen once the weather breaks in a few months. Renovations in the IHS music room also are underway.
 UPDATE DEC. 19, 2019: Work at IHS over break
 Photo of IHS sign in front of building

  • Bathroom renovation work is scheduled happen over holiday break at Irondequoit High School. The first step is minor abatement above the existing ceilings of the second- and third-floor bathrooms. Work is expected to be completed before students return for classes on Jan. 6, 2020. Similar renovations on two other bathroom areas are scheduled for the upcoming months. Those dates are not set. More information will be provided when they are. As per NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation regulations for abatement, signs have been posted. Certified abatement contractors will handle the work and follow all DEC regulations. 
UPDATE DEC. 11, 2019: The Listwood School playground is open for play! 
 Pic of completed Listwood playground

  • Listwood: Despite challenging weather recently, work has been completed on the new playground at Listwood elementary. Children will be playing on it soon!
  • IHS roof: As a result of the winter weather, the first phase of roof replacement work at Irondequoit High School has been rescheduled for the spring.
UPDATE NOV. 7, 2019: Listwood playground work underway; IHS roof work scheduled to start next week

Photo of Listwood playground under construction
  • Listwood: The playground at Listwood School closed Nov. 5 and construction is underway.  
  • Irondequoit HS: Roof replacement at IHS is expected to start soon above the Tech wing at the back of Irondequoit High School. That will close several parking spaces adjacent to the entrance. Staff/visitors may park in the lot behind the stadium scoreboard, near the tennis courts. See below. Work should not impact traffic flow.
 Construction map of IHS

UPDATE OCT. 25, 2019: Listwood playground work to start soon; updates on roof work at Rogers/IHS 
Rendering of new Listwood playground

  •  Listwood: The playground at Listwood School is scheduled to close in early November as construction begins to make it the fourth playground in the District this year to be updated with new equipment. 
  • Rogers/IHS roof updates: The roof replacement at Rogers Middle School is scheduled to finish the week of October 28th, weather pending. After that is complete, work is scheduled to shift to replacing the roof above the Tech wing at the back of Irondequoit High School. That is expected to start in early November.
 UPDATE OCT. 6, 2019: Seneca playground opens
Picture of completed Seneca playground

After being relocated to an area near the school that gives staff better visibility, the Seneca playground re-opened on Saturday, Oct. 5!

 UPDATE SEPT. 24, 2019: Rogers roof repair
Picture of Rogers School
Work is scheduled to begin in October at Rogers Middle School by Elmer W. Davis Roofing and Campus Construction. It will replace part of the roof.  The first step is an abatement. The majority of the abatement entails removing hazardous material due to pigeons nesting in an isolated area. In addition, a minimal amount of asbestos must be removed. The only abatement being done is to the exterior of the building and there is no airborne danger. None of the work is above any classrooms. 

For more details, click here.

 UPDATE AUG. 30, 2019: Two playgrounds completed
Picture of completed Briarwood Playground


Picture of completed Brookview playground

  • Briarwood: Redone and ready for play!
  • Brookview: Redone and ready for play!
  • Seneca: The playground area is fenced off and construction is under way. It should be completed in September.

Please stay off the newly planted grass seed.

 UPDATE AUG. 21, 2019: Construction update
Brookview playground 
  • Briarwood: Equipment is in place and chips have been spread.
  • Brookview: Equipment is in place and chips are being spread.
  • Seneca: The playground area is fenced off and the process of clearing is under way. 

Picture of Briarwood Playground on Aug. 9, 2019
UPDATE AUG. 9, 2019: Construction update
  • Briarwood: Equipment is in place and chips are being spread throughout the area.
  •  Brookview: The playground area is fenced off and the process of clearing is under way.
  • Seneca: Work has not started yet. 
 Picture of construction at Briarwood playground
UPDATE JULY 18, 2019: Construction has started on our playgrounds project.
  •  Briarwood: Work is underway to make the necessary changes to the playground.
  •  Brookview: The playground area is fenced off. Work will begin soon.
  • Seneca: Work has not started yet.
UPDATE JUNE 3, 2019: The first phase of our Renewal Project, which was passed in our 2018-19 District vote, has begun in 2019 and starts with new playgrounds at our Briarwood, Brookview and Seneca elementary schools. New and updated equipment will be installed, and similar playground work is scheduled for 2020 at Colebrook, Listwood and Southlawn, our other K-3 schools.
  • Closing date: Briarwood, Brookview and Seneca playgrounds will close Thursday, June 27, 2019.
  • Scheduled reopen: August 2019.
  • This fall: Roof work at Irondequoit HS. More on that soon.
  • Playground construction: Click on the school name below to see a picture of the “future” playground and also a map during construction.

We appreciate your understanding of the necessary work that needs to be done. Please contact our Office of Public Information at (585) 336-3067 with questions or concerns. Thank you! 


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