Glossary of Terms

Many acronyms are used and may be referenced in your school's plan.
A list of terms is provided in this glossary to assist you.

AP Advanced Placement
ACT American College Testing Exam
AED/CPR Automated External Defibrillator Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Devices
AIS Academic Intervention Service
BDA Before, During, After
BOE Board of Education
CAD Computer Aided Drawing
CARE Cooperate, Appreciate, Respect, Excel
CEEI Claim, Evidence, Explanation, Interpretation
CMP Connected Mathematics Program
CRQ Constructed Response Question
DBQ Document Based Question
DCC District Curriculum Council
DPP Daily Practice Problems
DSA Developmental Spelling Assessment
ERA ELA Extended Response Assessment in English Language Arts
EQ Essential Questions
EOY End of Year
ELA English Language Arts
ELL or ESL English Language Learners; English as a Second Language
FQR Fact, Question, Reflection
Frayer Model A visual organizer used to separate critical information from interesting information.
HM or H/M Houghton Mifflin
IEP Individualized Education Plan
KWL Know - Want to Know - Learn
LOTE Languages Other Than English
L/W Listening/Writing
MST Math, Science & Technology
MTB Math Trailblazers
NHS National Honor Society
NP of the NCE National Percentile of the Normal Curve equivalent
NYSSMA New York State School Music Association
PLAN Planning for Writing:
Plan the controlling idea and the claims you will make to support it.
Label the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion in your organizer.
Add specific details to explain and interpret your claims.
Number each part of the question and bullets to check your answer.
PLTW Project Lead the Way
PPS Pupil Personnel Services
PTSA Parent Teacher Student Association
QAR Question Answer Relationship
RAGS Read Around Editing Groups
RBT Research for Better Teaching
RRJ Reading Response Journal
R/W Reading/Writing
SAT Scholastic Achievement Test (Irondequoit High School)
SAT Stanford Achievement Test- (k-8)
SAVE legislation-Safe Schools Against Violence in Education legislation
SBP School Based Planning
SBPT School Based Planning Team
SOAR Staff Opportunities Are Revitalizing
SPPT Standards for Professional Practice in Teaching
TA Teacher Assistant
TLC Teaching Learning Center
TOSA Teacher on Special Assignment
UNPACK UNPACK the Question:
Underline key words.  Use them in your topic sentence.
Number the parts of the question.
Plan how you will answer the question.
Answer using specific details from what you have read.
Check off each part of the question as you answer it.
Keep up the great work!
VADIR Violence and Disruptive Incidence Reporting
WICSD West Irondequoit Central School District
WITA West Irondequoit Teachers' Association
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