Superintendent's Message

 Jeff Crane  A Message from
the Superintendent of Schools

Jeffrey B. Crane

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It is a pleasure for me to report that the tradition of partnership between home and school, a tradition dedicated to the success of each student, remains strong in the West Irondequoit community.  This community believes in its schools and in our daily focus….we believe that each child belongs to all of us.

This focus means first, that we believe.  This is not a solo enterprise and we are not solo performers.  Other words that could be substituted for "we" might be "this community" or "this family."  All imply a common sense of purpose, mutual respect, caring and responsibility.  "We" are like that.  "We" are the West Irondequoit Central School District (WICSD).

Second, it means believing -- having a deep measure of certainty that our shared hopes, dreams and aspirations for kids are of value to them, to their parents and to our community.  In the WICSD, we believe that our efforts help kids discover the path to their highest potential of learning and achievement.  We believe it is a journey filled with both challenges and joys as knowledge is acquired, skills are mastered and both are connected in the arena of real life.

Third, it means believing in each child.  We like children.  We teach them, counsel them, comfort them, befriend them, discipline them, coach them, make their lunches, clean their classrooms, and mow their playing fields.  To us, the uniqueness of each individual and the challenge of each child's potential are what make it all worthwhile.  We are not deterred by the variables our students present us.  We trust our instincts.  We make "excellence" the standard for their performance and ours.  We believe passionately that the path to realizing a child's full potential is always there for each and every child to find -- so we never, ever give up in helping them look for it.

Finally, we believe that each child belongs to all of us means welcoming accountability for that in which we share ownership.  Ownership means a commitment to learn from temporary setbacks, when necessary.  More importantly, ownership is about respecting and acknowledging the contributions of all of our colleagues and parents, in this effort to ensure that we contribute to transforming young children into intelligent, caring and responsible adults.

Because of what we believe, we come to school each day ready to lead the children we serve.


Jeffrey B. Crane