Mathematics Process Strands

K-12 Process Outcomes

1.   Create, solve, interpret and/or analyze authentic problems using a variety of mathematical representations and strategies (written, verbally, numerically, algebraically, and/or graphically).

2.  Interpret the meaning and defend the reasonableness of a mathematical solution.

3.  Communicate thinking using precise mathematical language/vocabulary, various models and representations.

4.  Use discourse to share mathematical ideas in order to elicit, extend and challenge their own and others’ mathematical thinking.

5.  Transfer mathematical concepts within and across disciplines and apply to real life situations. ​

6.  Construct and extend meaning of mathematical concepts through inquiry. ​

7.  Identify, utilize, and/or evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of strategies and representations. ​

8.   Employ a variety of strategies to access and prioritize relevant information.