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The Promise Project is a capital project proposal that includes classroom additions/renovations to implement full-day kindergarten in 2016,improvements to security and computer capability, and work to maintain and improve infrastructure. The promise is two-fold: to provide the best education for our students and to maintain the facilities this community began to rebuild fifteen years ago.


This project can be completed with no impact on the tax rate.

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What is included in the project?




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Full-day Kindergarten - The construction of two classrooms at each of these schools: Briarwood, Brookview, Colebrook, Listwood and Southlawn to provide space for full-day kindergarten. Seneca School can utilize existing space for an additional kindergarten classroom. Work at Seneca School would include restroom renovations, replacement of some carpet, upgrades to classroom electrical service, painting and restoration of outside trim and columns,

Technology – Building-wide wireless access points, student technology, LED projectors, and additional cooling in data closets,

Security - We are moving from analog to digital cameras as we replace outdated equipment and are installing additional card readers on outside doors,

Energy - Supplemental heat would be added to K-3 classroom “pods,” tie-in of exterior lighting to energy management system, installation of transfer switches at K-3 buildings and purchase of one portable generator, electrical panel boxes would be replaced at Rogers and Iroquois Middle Schools and pest control measures around HVAC units at Rogers would be installed.

Dake Roof System – replacement of portions of roof bringing the entire roof system under warranty,

Health and Safety Maintenance and Improvements at Athletic Venues– replacement of “carpet” at Gordon Allen Field, addition of safety netting at the ends of the field, replacement of surface on all-weather track and the addition of drinking fountains in the track area. The padding in the IHS gym would also be replaced providing a safer environment and allowing us to leverage NYS Building Aid to cover approximately 80% of the cost of the track and field surface replacements.


How would the project be funded?


The project would be funded using money in an established capital reserve fund and NYS Building Aid. There would be no increase in taxes.


What is the proposed timeline for the project?


If the project is approved by more than 50% of those who vote on May 20, final design plans will be prepared.


The plans would be submitted to the State Education Department (SED) in October 2014.


Plan approval takes 6-8 months, anticipated approval date would be March 2015.


The project would be put to bid and construction would begin in the summer of 2015.


Kindergarten space would be ready in ample time for the 2016-17 school year.

Why is the district proposing full-day kindergarten?


By moving to full-day kindergarten and creating a developmentally appropriate and rigorous full-day program we are preparing our youngest students to demonstrate greater reading and mathematical achievement gains. Full-day kindergarten boosts children's cognitive learning, creative problem-solving and social competence. This means that our students will be equipped to meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards in ELA and math and will have stronger learning skills to support critical thinking and independence. Additionally, there are more opportunities for students to engage in child-centered, creative learning experiences and individualized instruction to support both cognitive and social development.

West Irondequoit is one of four districts in Monroe County that does not offer full-day kindergarten. Young families look for full-day kindergarten when considering purchasing a home.

Why wasn’t the classroom space incorporated when the

K-3 schools were rebuilt?

At the time, we were not offering full-day kindergarten. The state does not provide Building Aid for unoccupied classrooms, so it would have cost the district more at that time. Briarwood, Brookview, Colebrook and Listwood were designed so that they could be added to in the future.

Why are we replacing the surface of the Gordon Allen Field and the all-weather track? It seems as if we just installed them.


The track opened in the fall of 2003. Using our proposed timeline, it will have been in use for twelve years. The lifespan of the track surface is based on the amount of use it gets. Our track is used by athletic teams in spring and fall, physical education classes grades 7-12, summer camps and our community.


The Gordon Allen Field opened in spring of 2005. Advances in design would make the new field more UV resistant, with an expected life of approximately 15 years. The field is showing wear at the north end, where it gets the most use.


Replacing the surfaces will improve safety of both venues.

Why are there so many items included in the project?


The items in the K-3 construction allow us to receive NYS Building Aid for other projects that will save energy and to keep

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